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Burn Out (Depletion) Recovery Therapy

In true burnout, there is a total loss of hope and the ability to change our circumstances. Burnout is also known as depletion, or simply being broken. People who burn out say that they are “done”… it is beyond exhaustion. Very few people can help a burnt out person; in some cases because they do not specialize in change, in others because they never experienced it. Family and friends mean well, but it is difficult to address what needs to be addressed. This program is a great way to get started on your recovery. You can have an Awesome Life Again. 

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Body ReComposition (Weight Loss)

The secret to the body of your dreams is in your mind. Body ReComping is short for “Body Recompositioning”, or the favorable change in body composition. This term is the modern equivalent of weight loss but in a healthy way. Changing the composition of the body means that fat is decreased while muscle and lean tissue are increased, resulting in a stronger, healthier, leaner, body, that incidentally looks better as well. Successful recompositioning of the body requires a change in your mind. This hybrid program produces great results.

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Metaphysics of Prosperity

What you need to do to make money is the “physics” of prosperity. The mindset required to actually do what you know you should, and can do, is the "metaphysics of prosperity". This is why even experts on money can be poor. The physics of money-making is not sufficient to develop prosperity; the right mindset is equally important. The mindset is that inner game stuff, how we see money, business, and ourselves. Visualization is used extensively in this program to change your self-image. The self-image is in the subconscious mind, hence the use of hypnosis.

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The Mystery of Relationships Unveiled

Probably the most mysterious aspect of our lives, right? Relationships are so awesome and pleasant, yet they can be so painful. Why does pleasure sometimes turn to pain? Why are relationships so difficult? Why are they so awesome? Why do we crave a partner? These are some of the questions this program addresses on its way to helping you end relationship turmoil and find joy in your relationships. The addition of modern scientific principles will make your journey from relationship turmoil to joy much more effective and certain.

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Meditation Club

This is a vault filled with guided meditations to help you achieve many mindful journeys. There is also an entire course on how  Meditation will help you grow.


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