The Mystery of Relationships Unveiled

This Program is about the Inner changes you need to attain and maintain great relationships.

The program makes use of philosophy and metaphysics.

The program has three parts:

  • One meeting with me, live
  • An online course
  • Group coaching

Although you will benefit a great deal from this program, it is not designed to substitute for a full hypnotherapeutic intervention in case your relationship is suffering right now.

Click HERE for a private coaching program specifically designed for couples.

What you'll get:

THE Master Class Unveiling the Mystery of Relatonships


  • Video lessons
  • Meditations and self hypnosis to change your mind about yourself and how you show up in relationships
  • Audio lessons
  • Audio download
  • Homework Assignments


Note: This class involves reading and homework assignments. There is no guarantee that, being a part of this program, you will have a certain kind of relationship. This class is a philosophy class, targeting mindsets and inner game processes, NOT dating advice. 

This is THE definitive course on the Mystery of Relationships. This course is NOT about how to date. This course is about how to change your Inner Mind, your SubConscious Mind in order to naturally prosper and grow as a human being through your relationships.

You will learn how to eliminate blocks to your joy and happiness. The ability to eliminate mental blocks will serve you for your whole life, in all aspects of your life. 

Right here in the course we will do exercises that will help you change your mind about yourself to the point where you will naturally do what you do to create more love and joy, prosperity, and abundance in your life. 

What People Are Saying:

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