Some Recent Reviews

I would love to have your comments, please write them below. Thank you! And mega thanks to all of you who took the time to write such useful reviews!

Jennifer Lopez: This meditation help realized that sometimes we carry too heavy book bags. I call my book bag ego but maybe I have classified my ego wrong. You see I see ego as the positive ego and the negative ego. The positive ego is the one that makes you feel better than anyone, the one who gives you courage, even when you are wrong, that ego helps you keep believing in you. Unfortunately I suffer from the other ego the one that destroy you, the one that makes you feel that you are bad in all ways. Leaving that book bag behind is hard, learning to remove that from your shoulder is difficult. Trying to remember that I have a purpose that I am good and that my worth it’s important it’s difficult. Thank you for your meditation, it’s a link to my real self a hope that I’m still there.

Hilda Hernandez: OMG! There are many factors that have to do with the change experienced and of course one of them is the Meditation Club. But to be honest I think that many times I have been on the razor's edge. I mean a kind of existential crisis, a kind of detox. That certainly this time has been exacerbated by my present circumstances. After all, I have no doubt that what I have learned and will learn in this Meditation Club will help me to know myself more and more. Knowing me more and more is definitely essential and fabulous. Definitely a new experience. Voices and voices from all angles. I felt an umbrella-like voice that covers the sky of my mind and voices with many suggestions as assistants on the sides. I enjoyed it a lot and it has been very helpful because it represents the practical example in relation to the lessons. After using the recording as a guide in several occasions, I meditated using my own suggestions and establishing my purpose, I experienced something very strange, but I will refrain from sharing until further notice. LOL :) Thank you for adding this very well prepared group of lessons. I love that it goes hand in hand and guides you in this process of self hypnosis and deep relaxation. I am applying in my meditations, little by little it will certainly take me to another level. Establishing a healthy balance in the intension of my Meditations between the world of Abstract Ideas and the World of Concrete Ideas. Thank You!

Heriberto Guerra: Thank you for sharing the insight of your transformational experience!

Esther: Last week definitely brought more peace to my life I feel calmer than before more accepting of myself I guess I’ve been “attempting” to meditate for a couple of years and though I get a sense of peace out of it I have never had any distinct contact with my inner self. I’m hoping this meditation help me get that experience. This meditation has been an eye opener for me. I felt that void, that deep sadness for years and I felt ashamed of it because to me I was ungrateful to God that had given me so many blessings yet I was still unhappy. So I usually swallowed it down and kept a smile on my face. This meditation showed me it was ok to be sad that in order to fix it I needed to first accept it

Matilde Aguirre: Dear Flavio, I had started this back in August and stopped during the second week. After reading Awesome Again, I realized that doing these meditations is what I truly need to do. I am very grateful for your consistent encouragement to improve all of our individual lives. I arrived last Wednesday from a long trip and jet lag has hit me hard. I know I will sleep better tonight. Thank you.

Hilda Hernandez: I take this space to give you my deepest gratitude for the knowledge acquired through these twelve weeks of the course. It has been a constant learning process. My goal in taking this course was to know myself more and I am very satisfied that through everything I received from your deep knowledge, your dedication, your enthusiasm and the love with which you share it, I am very pleased to say that I have achieved it. While knowing myself is an endless process, I have no doubt that with what I learned in this course I am going in the right direction.

Using Self Hypnosis / Meditation I have been able to be more in touch with my inner being and thus try to find the answer to certain questions that I ask myself when I feel that the way I act, my decisions, my choices, my " issues ", my fears, etc. in certain areas are not the healthiest, right, adequate, proactive, etc.

Which may correspond to unconscious situations that we can try to solve one by one through self-hypnosis. A process that I call BetterMe @ ClickNow, because when you make the unconscious conscious, there is a click that elevates you and you will never be the same again, you are now a little better, or a little closer, thus generating a very positive domino effect.

Among other benefits that I have been able to experience is an increase in my 
self-awareness, ease in reaching certain states in meditation, it has facilitated the state of certainty, better sleep pattern, a deep sleep, clearer and lived dreams ...

It has been a great step in my personal growth and in my thirst to always seek to be a better person. It was very beautiful to see that all the people there shared a desire in common, to know more about ourselves, to be better persons day by day and as a result to build a Better World together.

I believe that the decision to create the Meditation Club and give access during the progress of the course put the cherry on the ice cream since it merges the theory with the practice making it an excellent resource.

Thanks again Flavio, who always gave his best, you're amazing! and each member of his team that made the course possible.

Mariana Smith: I have seen an improvement in productivity and organization. The most impressive part about it has been that it feels unintentional. I am a teacher and I don’t recall any other year where I was not behind. I am very pleased. This meditation was very different from any guided meditation I had listened to. The first time I listened to it I wanted to make sure I didn’t miss any commands and then I finally relaxed and knew that was not my purpose. I am happy to report that I have become more self-aware of my ego throughout this process. Although it has been a struggle for me, I am putting myself in others shoes on a daily basis and that makes me feel proud. I finally figured out that my best meditation is in the morning after the work out. I don’t fall asleep. It took me awhile to play with the time since I was doing it after work and was too exhausted. I know you said to try different times.

Yanelis Sardinas: Hi!! I am doing the meditation exercises for the first time. I need several alarms to get out of bed. Sometimes my body is completely rested and ready to start the day and accept new challenges. But sometimes I feel a little lazier and my body wants to stay in bed a little longer. Sometimes I feel tired and want to sleep longer. The enthusiasm depends on the goal I am setting for that day, and also depends on the mood. It happens to me that when I am in my days my emotional reactions to situations can change.

Esther: Definitely more calm and relaxed. A sense of self-acceptance.

Osmel Fernandez: Thank you maestro Flavio for this unbelievable meditation, I feel that I can do what I want but not only that but also new things that sprouted from my inner being revealing purposes that I never thought I could achieve, it is an injection of well-being and joy of renewal of feeling that I am really starting a new life

Matilde Aguirre: I followed your advice from your lecture last night and sat down to do this meditation instead of going to sleep without meditating. I am glad I did. I felt closer to the two great souls that were instrumental in my spiritual life while they were incarnated on earth. Thank you. Maty

Osmel Fernandez: Thank you maestro for this incredible meditation, no matter what time or how many times we have meditated, or how many courses and programs we have gone through, this program has such powerful tools that I feel as if all this knowledge that is already familiar to me over the years feels completely new and repairing, this program has given me hope to be awesome again

Heriberto: It is so exciting to see that there is so much potential waiting to be explored and used!

Leonor Reales: Challenged! I love it! Wow! Great class. Thank you so much, it is a great reminder of what we deserve as humans entities: The best of everything. 
I already feel that burning desire to start creating that life that you are offering us in this course: to be a prosperous millionaire human being!!! Thanks!

Andres Sierra: Beautiful meditation! I felt very relaxed and I experienced some kind of Goosebumps. I couldn’t done the exercise while I was listening but in the moment of the water exercise I had it all on my mind and i felt super relaxed while i was listening to it, I have no words to describe it but i like it!!!! If the basic unit considered to be alive is the cell, of course it has its organism or body, it has its nucleus, but the question is does the cell has a soul? or is its energy supplied by the same soul of ours? Awesome experience! Great great great!

Irina Korneeva: This past year had been quite a journey for me. Meeting Flavio and joining his Academy classes helped me to completely recover from being heartbroken and lost, guided me to getting in complete alignment with my true self, finding my inner peace and harmony. The Course of Miracles has been really an eye opener. Those gentle but very profound lessons and the way Flavio teaching them truly resonate with my sole and I can't wait till next morning for the next one! Thank you Flavio!

Claudia Gutierrez: Before this year, I had never heard of a Course in Miracles before. However, before this year I was seeking mentorship and a closer relationship to my highest Self, my true Self. To say that this course and these daily meetings have intrinsically changed my life is an understatement. Some lessons upon reading seem fine, but then as the day goes by I realize just how heavy they feel in my insides. They make me work through a lot of emotions and have me digging deep. And then there are some lessons like this one, that make me feel proud of myself. I feel proud to have made it to lesson 100, at one point I didn't think I would stick to it. But here I am, little by little becoming the most consistent version of myself. A very big thank you to Flavio, to all the students at the Academy and to the ones that specifically watch the daily lessons live, thank you for your presence and for sharing this journey with all of us. This group, these classes, these lessons have truly changed my life. I can't wait for 100 more!

Michele Cremona: I am nearly at the end of your wonderful course (listened 4 times to the whole course) for Hypnotherapy and have to say I've found it very interesting.- I'm also now reading The Kybalion.  I initially wanted just to research more about the mind as I am a regular meditator and am fascinated with the workings of the mind.  Also, I have metastasized breast cancer and wanted to explore hypnotherapy as a healing and positive mind set mechanism.

Robert B. Singleton, MCMA: Because I have some background in the field and have had introductions by other presenters, this, while covering much of the expected topics, is put forth in plain language, and in logical order that I expect to see continued throughout the course.  Halfway through the course, I find it very informative and well-presented. I am learning.

Joseph Delpin: Explanation of description of expectation quite concise.

Alicia Cabrera: Good course. Will just have to put them in practice.

Satinder Paul Singh: As a practicing Family Physician and a beginner in Hypnotherapy, I could gain much insight into already accrued knowledge from other courses done earlier, plus definitely learnt a whole lot of new knowledge. The master is an awesome teacher and fluent in English, which was very helpful, especially his accent.

Anya Lund: I absolutely loved Professor Flavio’s teaching style!  Very pleasant!

Carlos Sousa: I really enjoyed the course. The instructor was very clear and explained the concepts in a very simple way with lots of examples which helped to a better understanding of the concept. He also laid out the steps to achieve better results. I loved it!

B S Lalith Kumar: I truly loved it but, I did wish they had a little more guided hypnosis lectures so that we could had understood still more better...But, really the course is amazing you can go for it.

Tex Ellis: The instructor is a great speaker and easily understood. Overall he is a very knowledgeable and I'm glad I took the course, I learned a lot.

Alan J Simons Sr: I would like to take more classes from this instructor.

Kaushik Krishna Ghosh: It is an absorbing course. Enjoyed and learned from every bit of what Dr. Flavio spoke. I will look forward for advanced courses from him. Thanks a lot!

Don Barnes: Lots of good information. It's difficult to rate, really, because we haven’t gotten to anything participatory. The speaker is engaging and keeps us interested, so it's all good.

Bonnie Peterson: Loving this class

Dr. Vasko Tao Karabolevski: So far it is pretty basic but nice and simple teachings. Yes, I am satisfied with this course. I finished the course now, I am very satisfied.

Dan Koch: So far so good!

Khushtar Hamidi: This course for amazing for beginners

Anesa Hamidovic: This course is a brilliant start to your own journey of hypnosis. Flavio explains it so well and I love that he brings back i.e revises previous lecture and you can refocus again on what's been said previously, if any parts are not understood. Would recommend anyone who has beginner knowledge.

Pamela Outram: This is a good match for me because I need more skills to help my clients

Fernando Ongaro: This is indeed a great course. To be better, I only missed some real sessions, some examples and things like that. I think the inductions part of the course is too superficial. In my view, it's one of the most essential parts of it, so I wish it were way more detailed. Anyway, it's a great course for those who are just starting or have little knowledge about hypnosis.

Scott P. Stuhr: Very good course. Good detailing and easy to follow.

Deborah Clewley: Very good my first venture into Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy.  There is no information as to how you can practice in the UK.  I'm guessing you have to do further formal training but finding accredited schools seems to be an absolute minefield!

Jasmine Thomas: Very informative and great for someone who has some Hypnosis experience and wants to take it to a professional level. I can definitely use some of the resources used in the course to build my own business. Thank you.

Ockert Lotriet: Well explained. Down to the point without unnecessary information.

Cindylu Figueroa: A fantastic instructor and a wealth of knowledge! Love every second of this learning journey. Thank you!

Catherine FIQUET LE HEN: A great course, very inspiring. It gives me peace and energy to grow and develop.

Dana: Amazing course, it'll help you add a new skill to your coaching toolbox, highly recommended.

Dr. Chandramouli Subramanian: Amazing course.  strongly recommend for all.

Alexandra Vasiliou: Brilliant trainer and course, very deep, informative and getting to the root of things.

Brendan Byrne: clear about expectations, goals and methods. Really excellent knowledge.

Jan Tatousek: Clear and engaging

Sherry Olar: Common perspectives on topics addressed

Ken Haile: Create the relationship you dreamed possible.  Select the right partner.  Encourage greater harmony, understanding, and love in your relationship.  Dr. Flavio Ballerini's excellent course, ""The Ultimate Purpose for Marriage,"" will help you achieve an outstanding, extraordinary relationship of your dreams. A road-map helps you plan your vacation to have create a memorable experience.  Dr. Ballerini gives you the road map of loving relationships to create a dynamic and loving relationship. He'll help you avoid common mistakes and give you a process to encourage greater harmony and love in your relationship.  You'll learn how to resolve problems in a way that strengthens and affirms the relationship.  He'll help you recognize special moments where you envision a greater dynamic, loving relationship and teach you have to realize them with your partner. Having worked with loving relationships and supported those who are in the process of ending theirs, I can tell you that these principles are well founded and will lead to a successful and dynamic partnership.  Dr. Ballerini's shares his thoughtful experience of helping thousands of loving couples.  Sign up today to accelerate your progress to a more fulfilling, loving relationship.

Frank Capuano: Delivered in a way I could HEAR. Thank you for sharing LOVE.

Kamal Khan: Dr Flavio is really very knowledgeable and fascinating.

Chantal Charbonneau: Dr. Ballerini is a wonderful teacher! I love learning with him!

Sunita Johal: Dr. Flavio Ballerini teaming up with Natalie and Joeel was meant to happen - the course was amazing, and the info was so easy to follow. Sometimes it felt that I was being hypnotized, as I'd fall into relaxation mode, haha. I will definitely take up Hypnotherapy in the near future - medical hypnosis gained my interest for sure. Thank you all so much!

Sunita Kumar: Dr. Flavio Ballerini's way of delivering the lecture is highly invigorating and simple to understand, which has made my learning very easy. I'm glad that I chose this course, which has turned out to be the best. I would recommend this course. I would like to congratulate Dr. Flavio for producing this wonderful course.

Miss Luka: Dr. Flavio is a great instructor. I really appreciate some of the topics covered in this course. He addresses some things that other hypnosis instructors don't usually touch on, but are important.

Danisha Thomas: Dr. Ballerini is very knowledgeable. His breakdown of the information is excellent. I would go to a college campus and take a class with him because he is that good. Truly an enjoyable experience about a subject that I find quite fascinating.

Hossam Elhossieny: Dr. Flavio really you are amazing person... and Finally I’ve got very wonderful course as your words as magic... really Thank you!

Carmen Sylvia: Excellent!

Dragana Jovanovic: Excellent

Mohammad Saeed: Excellent

Pawan Babbar: Excellent course because instructor is very knowledgeable, and he has delivered this course in a very clear and easy language.

Alex Yslava: Excellent course for me. Made clear what self-hypnosis is and how meditation is actually one and the same. I never thought of the two being the same. Years ago, I learned progressive relaxation which I did not continue with, but I see that I can use it with my practice of meditation. I can also, with practice, use this knowledge to practice self-hypnosis to better myself. One thing I still struggle with is quieting my mind in order to focus on whatever it is that I am practicing for. I'm hoping that with practice that will clear up.

Robin Edwin Robinson: Excellent course so far!

Sonia Martins: Excellent course take from home.

Konstantinos Valavanis: Excellent course, it is a great combination of coaching with clinical hypnotherapy. Moreover, the resources are very comprehensive and well-structured.

Erica L. Pless: Excellent course!  The insight shared is exactly what I have been looking for. I haven’t been able to find it in another course.

Jennifer Kranjec: Excellent course!!! I would recommend it!  Really looking forward to the next hypnosis course from this instructor!!!

Kaj Vardinghus: Excellent Course.

Deepak Sikka: Excellent Course.

Phillip McGaugh: Excellent information. Excellent instructor.

James Sadler: Excellent teacher. Practical and relevant training with a balanced, professional approach.

Kinloch Le Roux: Excellent trainer, amazing material.

Selenia Andino: Extremely helpful

Sahana: Extremely informative and very well delivered.

Brandon Hirdler: Extremely informative. I am very glad I took this course.

Carol Jenkin: Fantastic, so loved this course. Very informative and easy to take on board and remember. Doing other courses of his - a fan.

Kelly Silva: Fantastic!

Sonya Bolus: Fantastic! I love that this course goes beyond a self-focused ""I want"" mentality. I found the concept of the mini crises/hurdle enlightening. It makes so much sense. As someone with a BS in Psychology and Master's work in a rigorous Counseling Education program, I found the method of instruction to be very well considered, engaging, pleasant and easy to follow. Also, very non- corporate. I didn't feel like I was being sold something! Flavio has an intelligent, kind way about him. I really felt I was looking into his eyes while he lectured. And that he was connecting with me on personal level, too. Amazing! I purposely didn't take notes the first couple of viewings, because I just wanted to deeply absorb everything. The decision to not have graphics and visual distractions was wise and helpful to me for maintaining focus. So... to anyone on the fence about taking this course, I encourage you to go for it! It is a welcome surprise to find such high-quality instruction and important information in an online, very reasonably priced course. Thank you, Flavio! I look forward to putting your guidance into action. And I am excited to now take your hypnotherapy course which I also have purchased! With love and appreciation, Sonya.

Paula Moran: Finally, I just want to let you know that your particular approach and passionate style of delivery has enabled me to enjoy this course enormously! I like your repetitious approach at the beginning of each session ad gentle coaching style, that cleverly weaves a clear thread of all the key components that you are trying to convey, in a meticulous and well thought out way. You refer to this as a simple organic approach implying it just 'sort of happens' like a client does in session. Actually, you make it appear simple and organic just like any professional athlete who are on the top of their game, they just make it look easy! Congratulations for demonstrating your gift.

Marilynn Hughes: Flavio covers a lot of the basics of the Past Life Theories. I took it because I took his hypnotherapy course and loved it. I also believe in Past Lives and wanted to see what Flavio's thoughts are on the subject.

Sara Mayer-McKernan: Flavio is both a saint and a genius. He is compassionate and genuine in his endeavor to spread peace and harmony without judgement. He speaks clearly and openly. His descriptions give such clarity and precision that you simply absorb the wisdom which he provides.  I would never recommend that anyone listen to anyone else first in regards to hypnosis. He is the best. I have read and listened to other teachers in the past who never gave me the types of ""ah-ha!"" moments that Flavio has. He has given me a vision and hope that I have not felt in a long time.  Thank you so much, Flavio.

Ken Haile: Flavio is one of the best instructors on Udemy.  Not only does he love what he does but he also truly wants to help others achieve their fullest potential.  He is a gifted teacher able to explain complicated concepts in a way that is easily understood.  In this course I discovered a system for living that helps me turn negative situations into positive ones.  He discusses how our own personal story can distort our perception and expectations of a situation.  He gives you the mental and physical tools required for change.  This isn't just a motivational speech.  It is a presentation backed by over 20 years of experience as a successful Hypnotherapist.  He gives real examples of people making the transition from negative subconscious behavior to positive conscious behavior.  If I were to give you an alternate title for this course, it would be ""Regaining Your Human Dignity.""  Sign up for this course today and start enjoying positive, significant changes!

Vitaly: Great course

Daniel Low: Great course and really useful

Marten Steppat: Great course for beginners as well as experts, covering not only the fundamentals of hypnosis but also how to set up pre-talk, sessions and business.

William Beck: Great course just what I needed. For me it was a GREAT review. Really enjoy the instructor.

Luis Arambulo: Great course very well explained, very knowledgeable love the information. Great instructor.

Gary Rollin Mitchell: Great Course!  Well worthwhile. I enjoyed the lectures and Flavio's way of presentation!

Rodrigo Rodrigues Batista: Great course! A lot of powerful knowledge!

Marie: Great info - thanks!

Lexdysic: Great instructor

Cindylu Figueroa: Great instructor, fantastic contents and a gracious approach to the topic.

Carol Harris: Great instructors. Thank you.

Manuel Jose Camoes Castanho: Hello. I loved the course, I have other courses, including hypnotism, but this course is by far the deepest and most complete I have seen. Then the attention given to pre-induction is super important and very well done. Congratulations

Ken Haile: How can the Law of Attraction and Visualization help you achieve your dreams?  Instructor Flavio Ballerini, Ph.D. does an excellent job in explaining creative visualization and the specifics on how to use it to achieve your personal goals.  His many years of experience on the subject in conjunction with his background in engineering and philosophy comes out in the quality and spontaneity of his lectures.  They are well structured building from basic principles and progressing to advanced application of concepts with many relevant examples on how this process works.  Sign up today and begin enjoying the benefits of creative visualization in your life!

Brigitte Shotiminrin: I also rate this Hypnosis training as the very best!

Jagpreet Kaur: I am a PLRT. however, I felt this would help give my clients deeper experiences. the concepts have been so easily communicated; I am now enjoying it.

Lia: I am honored to have run into you Dr. Flavio!! I am about to get my certification in LBL therapy at the Newton Institute and your training is the perfect complement to help my clients find their purpose and mission in life! Thank you thank you thank you!

Madiyah: I am learning sooooo much

Lori Pedersen: I am loving the course so far. It is very educational and is touching all basis of hypnosis!

Kirrily: I am thoroughly enjoying this training, not to mention learning so much I can barely keep up with my note taking! I cannot praise this lecture highly enough and I am recommending it constantly to my colleagues.

Alexandra Freccero: I appreciate the way you teach hypnosis. It is very clear. It is also very interesting, and I like that there is a lot of focus on how to act with consideration and empathy towards the client. it is inspiring!

Shelly Brown: I could listen to Dr. Ballerini' lectures all day long! His genuine devotion to the field is so obvious and evident in the lectures of this course.  This is not my first course in Hypnotherapy, but I am learning so much that was missing in my prior courses. I am a complete and total fan of this material and its instructor! Enjoying it very much!

Cynthia McQuade-Brinkman: I enjoy the credentials of the instructor. The expert is able to create language suitable for the beginner & still effectively teach new information.

Anna Briden: I enjoyed the content of this course and the way it was taught. I definitely learned a lot of new information and techniques that I can implement in my work. Thank you and I am looking forward for next mastery level course  in hypnotherapy.

Barbara Sautter: I felt like the instructor was actually speaking to me.  The material is perfect for filling in the gaps in my hypnotic understanding. I will be looking for additional courses from this teacher.

Zuhal Gervbek: I got great knowledge and point of view to hypnotherapy. I am feeling very excited now. And I am looking forward to sharing my knowledge with others.

Patricia Ferreira Bastos F. C. Araujo: I have a good expectation about this course

John Graham: I have also done Flavio’s Hypnosis Practitioner Training Program, which is a fantastic course I highly recommend it, and I continually go back to it myself learning more and more. And now this meditation course, another fantastic course from Flavio.

Scott Nottmeier: I have been studying hypnosis and NLP for a couple years. I am also ""certified"" in both.  This goes one step beyond with more detail and clearer explanations.  I am really enjoying your analogies and metaphors as they help the novice or advanced hypnotist understand as well as easily remember all the steps or doorways through the process of hypnosis.  The speed and the rhythm of the course is just right.  This course is like a puzzle with all the pieces, you see the whole picture in megapixel quality and don't need to guess at any of it. Thanks!  Scott Nottmeier. PS: I would definitely buy this course again now that I have been enjoying it...time for you too to enjoy it as well.  Buy this course ""now"" as the price is ripe for the picking!!   Thanks Again!

Kirk Phillips: I have been wanting to learn this for many years, and this course eliminates a lot of the BS, gives some great information. I will continue to learn more as I can. Thank you!

Julienne D'Aoust: I have left this as my rating so far just for the sheer detail the tutor is giving me, great guidance.

Muhammad Hasan: I have really enjoyed listening to course. Dr Flavio really hit the places and answers to the questions I was looking for. I was really looking to find out how to effectively use Law of Attraction, Visualization and Self-hypnosis together in my life to solve problems and also how to heal the body and illness. I was amazed hearing about research, some examples and stories of people. I think everyone talks about Law of Attraction, but no one shows you how to learn and apply it. I am not like everyone who can visualize a picture or movie clearly in my mind. So, this course helps me in finding out where I have been going wrong and what other instructors were not telling or clarifying the basics. I recommend everyone to Add Dr Flavio course into their library. I would however like to see a course on how to effectively visualize accurately to a high degree and how to cure illness from the human body. Thanks

Frank Fields: I have taken other hypnotherapy courses before, but never felt adequately prepared to actually take a client. I now understand why: those courses were full of visual aids and step by step instructions, but almost no explanations as to why things are as they are. In this course I finally had all my questions answered just by listening to the teacher. It feels as though he is reading my mind and answering my questions as they show up in my mind. I appreciated the all verbal format because, as he explains in the classes, that is what clients do: they talk, and we must get it by listening only. Other courses costing 20 times as much do not contain as much insight and knowledge into hypnotherapy and you only see it once. Here I can repeat the course as many times as I wish. Wow, if you are interested in hypnotherapy this is a fantastic course.

Liani Nutter: I like basic and straight forward ... this is a good fit.

Sharon Anderson: I like how the instructor goes through the materials step by step and the short session.

Bekki McQuay: I like it so far

Denise Jensen: I like the opening session and being realistic in what I am getting with this course.

Ms. Aarohi Khar: I like the tips given for rapport formation. Dr. Flavio is absolutely amazing. He is very very effective in driving home the points he delivers.

Michele Reyes: I like the way it's been delivered so far, seems great! I finished it and I put it on practice and it works! I loved it!!

Victoria Williamson: I love this course, I enjoy listening to this speaker. Very engaging.

Leland Prouty: I loved this course and didn't want it to end.  I hope someday there are additions to give a more complete action plan to accomplish the awesomeness.

Tuesday-Rose Mullings: I really enjoyed this course. I trusted Flavio's perspective and enjoyed that it was not only very informative and logical but also quite spiritual. I get a deep sense of respect for others and he outlines many necessary points in a direct and effective way.

Natacha Bellargent: I really like the concept, no fancy music, no fancy courses but a lecture simple and efficient. Great explanations, great example. Easy to follow.

Patricia: I really like the presentation...the screen goes black from time to time randomly. This is an amazing program.

Ayu Tantri Soetopo: I studied Psychology years ago, its refreshing to go back to the field and the lecturer managed to make the course easy to understand.

Frederik J Marv: I think that I will learn a new skill today and I'm looking forward to learning from you.

Cath Pittock: I think this will be very helpful in my coaching practice.

Anna Malan: I'm an accredited practicing hypnotherapist and have taken a number of different hypnotherapy courses, including with well-known teachers. I do these courses as part of my association's CPD requirement but more importantly, so that I can learn as much as possible. I really enjoyed this course as I have found the information relevant and very foundational. There is information here that I wish I had access to earlier. It would have saved so many anxious moments and doubts. It's one thing to do the process but another to really understand the mechanics as this is what is needed when problems arise. Lol - my early clients were not easy or receptive ones ;-) Flavio's training helps you to manage this. I have found Flavio honest and to the point. I like that he is basing this course on his real-life working experience in this field. He really understands this area. So often there are teachers out there with not much experience and give a rehash of whatever is already out there. I would like to see Flavio develop further courses with more in-depth material for the practicing hypnotherapist. I liked that Flavio presented the information without aids, although, one or two visual aids would have been preferable when discussing some of the concepts. Flavio is right when he says you have to be able to listen, and quickly, to clients when they seek your services. This is a good way to train future hypnotherapists. I feel this course is for people at all levels but if you are new to hypnotherapy, I encourage you to do this course and also to keep this course as part of your tool box and revisit when you are further developed, understand a bit more about this field, and have seen a few clients.  Great work Flavio!

Nikki Ackerman: I'm excited to learn. The instructor seems knowledgeable and is transparent with the contents and how the course is going to be taught. I'm looking forward with continuing.

Dawn O'Donoghue: Ideal

Paris: I am so thankful for the years of experience I been given in this course! I feel like I will be ready to be of service to others.

Roger Jacobs: Impressed of the quality of information delivery and energy. Thank you all for this wonderful gift...thank you...Peace

NAGA LAKSHMI: In this course mind model, philosophy, origin of suffering. These sections are very very wonderful and thank you.

Nick Guest: Intelligent instructor

Sara Mayer-McKernan: Interesting Take on the manifesting of what we desire. This is altogether a very altruistic, humanistic and mindful approach.  The course emphasizes responsibility and the surrender of our demanding ways to a more respectful and universally conscious visualization. Balance is discussed (taking the good with the bad) as well, this was very different from the ""everything can be perfect"" type of manifestation class, so it does stand out from the crowd.

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Eleni Mylonopoulou: ITS VERY GOOD

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Ahsan: Lots of useful tips.

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Carol Jenkin: So love this guy and his courses. SO LIGHT, uncomplicated and easy to learn.

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Mariela Moreira: thank you!!! I want to keep growing, healing, growing and helping others.

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Marius van Niekerk: You changed my life. I was anti-depressant pilled for a while. I realized I can make the change with the course. Thank you to Master Flavio to change my lifestyle. Thank you again!

John Graham: So far, the course has been fantastic, I am learning so much. Now halfway through and I am even more amazed! Now that I have been right through the course and finished it, I will go back to the beginning and go over the course again, I have found this to be a course that has inspired me to keep on working on myself.

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