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"This is nothing like I've ever seen before. I had been to several therapists and never was able to feel any of them actually cared about getting to the root of the problem, and actually cure it, heal it for good. I have no words to express my gratitude to Flavio. My life is definitely mine to live now, I don't feel I'm a prisoner of the circumstances, or a victim of other people's actions. I'm successful in what I do and this is just the beginning."

Ken H.

"Great instructor, fantastic contents and a gracious approach to the topic. Love listening to the lectures - even though it is not new to me, it is the first time in years that it somehow clicks differently in my brain and I understand things on another level than I did before (if that makes sense ...). I'm not an native english speaker, but Flavio is very good to understand and I enjoy his lectures very much!"

Cim M.

"My husband and I were facing one of the most difficult periods of our lives. Our teenager daughter presented serious addiction and behavioral issues that we couldn't manage. Flavio excelled in working with each of us individually and our family as a whole, to restore balance and bring the so much needed healing and peace."

Ana C.
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