Body ReComposition (Weight Loss)

This is the definitive program for permanent weight loss with no hunger, no craving, no diets.

In this program we will make changes to the self-image at the subconscious level of the mind, leading to your ideal weight naturally and effortlessly.

This program is about the Inner changes you need to attain and maintain your ideal weight.

We will use a variety of visualization, hypnosis and meditation techniques in order to make changes at the subconscious level of the mind.

Yes, this process is perfectly safe and effective; I have been practicing professionally for 25 years, 42000 sessions with 12000 clients. I have trained 3000 students, many of whom are successful professionals. 

What you'll get:

THE Definitive Master Program on Ideal Body Weight and Composition.


  • One private session with me, online or in person (In Miami, FL)
  • Three months of small group sessions online. This is where all the fun and magic happens
  • A research-based online program to reinforce details at your own pace
  • Meditations and self hypnosis to change your mind about yourself, reach and maintain your ideal body
  • Audio program with download
  • Group online sessions where we actually get it done
  • A much better and happier life. Research suggests that many of the techniques we use for body reshaping also lead to a happier and more fulfilling life. 
  • IRONCLAD GUARANTEE: If you feel that you have not made significant progress in three months, I will give you another three months at no cost to you. This guarantee only applies if you actually participate in the program and still do not progress.
  • BONUS #1: Discount on future private sessions with me personally.
  • BONUS #2: Discount on other programs sure to enhance your life.


Note: This program involves minimal reading and homework assignments. There is no guarantee that, being a part of this program, you will achieve any particular body weight or emotional status. This program does NOT constitute any form of medical or health advice. You must consult your physician in order to participate. This class is a philosophy class, targeting mindsets and inner game processes, NOT any medical or health intervention or advice.

This is THE definitive program to achieve and maintain your Ideal Weight and figure. I have been able to achieve significant body recomposition goals using these techniques, which I share with you in the program.

This course is about how to change your Inner Mind, your SubConscious Mind in order to naturally reach your goals. You will learn how to eliminate blocks to your own success. The ability to eliminate mental blocks will serve you for your whole life, in all aspects of your life. 

Right here in the course we will do exercises that will help you change your mind about yourself to the point where you will naturally do what you do to reach your goal, create more prosperity, abundance and joy in your life. 

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