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I help people connect their "outer" with their "inner" selves, so they can achieve their purpose and materialize their dreams. Everyone has an outer and an inner self, the inner self is our true identity. These two selves are at least partially disconnected in all of us; although the level of connection is not constant throughout the day. You may have really good moments, filled with insight and inspiration; these are moments of higher connection. Another day, sometimes even the same day, you may have moments of frustration and anger; these are moments of low connection. You can imagine an "average" connection level for each person.


Now imagine this:


It is possible to raise the peaks, the lows, and the average connection we experience between the outer and inner selves. 


Some clients come in to raise their peaks; they request help with meditation, self hypnosis, inspiration, motivation and peak performance in different fields.


Some clients come in to raise their lows; they request help with anger, depression, motivation, inspiration, shyness, weight reduction, laziness and other conditions characterized by lack of energy or action. 


Some clients seek to increase their average connection between outer and inner selves; these people are seeking a higher quality of life, a more sophisticated and meaningful existence. They are willing to invest time and resources into themselves because they realize that our inner accomplishments are all we can take with us when it is all over.  

A common question involves a particular symptom, such as excessive alcohol consumption or a medical illness. People ask: does it work for alcoholism? Does it work for cancer? The extent to which any specific symptom is caused by that distance between our outer and inner selves, or the extent to which moments of lesser connection prevent us from taking appropriate action in the world, or cause us to harm ourselves in any way, the answer is "yes, it does work for that". Having said that, we do not practice primary or special medicine, and we do not practice psychology. We do not diagnose or treat any illness or condition. We use a variety of ancient and modern techniques, including hypnosis, to help you increase your connection to yourself, and that increase is what allows you to solve your own problems.


Another common question is: what is the difference between what you do and conventional therapy? Think of a medical analogy. A person has an infection; they can take antibiotics to kill the bug, or they can enhance their immune system so the body fights it off naturally. Philosophers have been talking about this analogy for centuries and recently a class of medications called immunomodulators have become available just for that purpose. Conventional therapy would be the antibiotic, the infection may come back. We are the immunomodulators, you become a better person and won't deal with the same issues ever again.


In general our clients are people who believe the solution to their problems, even when it involves other people, such as in the case of relationships, is within themselves. They come here to access the part of themselves they are not typically aware of, and enhance the connection between the different portions of ourselves. 

No matter what you are experiencing in your life, if you feel ready to take the next step, and if you believe that taking the next step only depends on you, then this is the right venue for you.

"My life changed and my marriage was saved. When I came to see Flavio for the first time I was at that point in my life where I had tried everything, yet things were getting worse, not better. I was able to recognize I needed real help. And that's when my luck started changing."

Happy client

"My husband and I were facing one of the most difficult periods of our lives. Our teenager daughter presented serious addiction and behavioral issues that we couldn't manage. Flavio excelled in working with each of us individually and our family as a whole, to restore balance and bring the so much needed healing and peace."

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"This is nothing like I've ever seem before. I had been to several therapists and never was able to feel any of them actually cared about getting to the root of the problem, and actually cure it, heal it for good. I have no words to express my gratitude to Flavio. My life is definitely mine to live now, I don't feel I'm a prisoner of the circumstances, or a victim of other people's actions. I'm successful in what I do and this is just the beginning."

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