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Hello, and thank you for your interest in working together to overcome your personal obstacles, achieve your dreams and reach the next level in your life.

For years I insisted on talking to everyone who called the office asking for an appointment, but it quickly proved to be unrealistic as the number of calls far exceeded my ability to return them. I devised a number of solutions to this bitter sweet problem; while it is nice to run an office where the number of people calling far exceeds my capacity to serve them, I have always felt sad when a person didn’t receive the attention they deserved because I simply didn’t have the time to call them back. I eventually came to work seven days a week, often until very late at night, but discovered that this would not be sustainable either. One day I started to write down all the questions people asked me on the phone and discovered that many questions are common to many people. Thus, I can answer just about any question you may have about working with me through this page, which I came to think of as my “virtual assistant”.

From my point of view, we need to determine whether the service I have to offer you is what you need and want to receive. In other words, we need to determine whether we have a “match”. Over the years, as I learned more and more about how to help people achieve the results they want, the focus of my practice narrowed. I learned to vastly increase the success rate of our clients by working with more people I can actually help, and fewer people I really don’t know how to help. At the same time, because I have been doing this for over 20 years, the number of calls to the office has increased dramatically. The bottom line is that nowadays I only get to work with fewer than 1 in 20 people who call the office, and they get awesome results!

This is what I propose we do. First, let us get acquainted: please put your name, telephone number and email address in the form below this explanation. When you submit that information, you will be taken to another page where just about any question you may have is answered by video, in writing and as an audio file you can listen to anywhere you want. Browse through the topics and study them all as many times as you want.

All pricing options and payment methods are clearly explained. If, after going through this material you believe that what have to offer is the right solution for you, pick the appropriate level of service and make a payment according to the clear explanations provided.

Once you make a payment, you will be taken to a page where you can select an available time slot to come into the office or to connect through Skype. That appointment request will be confirmed by me within 24 hours. On occasion the time you selected may have to be changed, in which case I will call you and make arrangements.

We will meet at the appointed time and, if by the end of our first session you are not entirely convinced that what I offer is indeed the right choice for you, just let me know before you leave the office and your entire payment will be refunded to you. No hurt feelings.

Okay, time to get started on your dreams… enter the information below and let’s welcome the New You!    


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