Analgesia: insensibility to pain without loss of consciousness.

Nov 03, 2020

Analgesia: insensibility to pain without loss of consciousness.

Analgesics have been in style for more than a thousand years. Since ancient times, from plant extracts to today synthetic analgesics, these substances have been almost part of our families. We look at them as the easiest way to “patch” discomfort zones in our bodies, without wondering: are we shutting our bodies up?

Is our body trying to tell us something? Could we correct the discomfort from the source rather than becoming insensitive to it? Who said we don’t have this power within ourselves? To what degree do we need an external artificial substance to makes our minds work in our favor? Could it be because we are not so much connected with it?

These thoughts kept knocking at my door for a while after Flavio took my headache away with a 3 minute hypnosis session. I wished I had had an Advil or a Tylenol in my purse, as I was convinced that could do the “trick” faster. I would have taken it if it wouldn’t have been because I was offered a different option: one that came from within.

And it was right there, in the middle of a crowded hotel lobby, that I was hypnotized. He asked my mind to do the job for me. I stepped away from myself so my body could heal. Strange enough, my hands, extremely cold before, started to warm up; and my head started to release the uncomfortable pressure.

I returned happy, smiling. Wondering if we look for external solutions to what we call “external” problems. Do we look elsewhere for a remedy because we feel victims, in this case, of pain?

I closed my eyes and became owner of my own body, wishing not to let go ever again.


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