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I love sharing ideas with you!

When I left an engineering job to go to graduate school I wanted to teach engineering right away. I was told that i would need to be in the doctoral program before they would let me teach. I love teaching so much that I kept asking everyone at the administration until they gave me a class: Mechanical Design 1. I was in heaven, and never stopped teaching since then.

After some 20 years teaching philosophy and hypnotherapy at the Aranegui Institute, it was time to expand and reach people all over the world. That was when the Academy was born.

Today The Academy has hundreds of students in several countries, and offers classes in 3 languages.

The Academy has 4 Schools:

1. The School of Relationships

2. The School of Prosperity

3. The School of Philosophy

4. The School of Healing Arts

Students can be a member of the overall Academy, or take individual courses of their choice.

The online portal of the Academy includes audio and video recordings of classes and professionally prepared online courses.

The Academy has incorporated our famous Meditation Club, a vault filled with guided meditations for all kinds of purposes.

Welcome to the modern way to enlightenment.

Awesome Again Academy

School of Relationships

Complex psychological and spiritual aspects of relationships made available to all. 

School of Prosperity

The science of prosperity. Countless people have discovered; now it is your turn.

School of Philosophy

Philosophy and mysticism for the modern investigator and seeker of Light.

School of Healing Arts

From basic to advanced Hypnotherapy instruction and practice.

Academy's Guidelines

By taking any of our classes, we ask that you agree to these guidelines. Thank you.

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