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"My life changed and my marriage was saved. When I came to see Flavio for the first time I was at that point in my life where I had tried everything, yet things were getting worse, not better. I was able to recognize I needed real help. And that's when my luck started changing."

~ client

"So love this guy and his courses. SO LIGHT, uncomplicated and easy to learn"

Carol Jenkin

"I'm a parent, if you are a parent you know that means trying EVERYTHING to be there for your kids. Life its hard. And wow, most of the times I struggle putting my own stuff aside to interact with my kid. This course helped me see the light and finally helped me grow up as a parent myself. I noticed I was still dealing with my own stuff from childhood. Really good."

Lissette Alvarado

"My husband and I were facing one of the most difficult periods of our lives. Our teenager daughter presented serious addiction and behavioral issues that we couldn't manage. Flavio excelled in working with each of us individually and our family as a whole, to restore balance and bring the so much needed healing and peace."

~ online student

"This is nothing like I've ever seem before. I had been to several therapists and never was able to feel any of them actually cared about getting to the root of the problem, and actually cure it, heal it for good. I have no words to express my gratitude to Flavio. My life is definitely mine to live now, I don't feel I'm a prisoner of the circumstances, or a victim of other people's actions. I'm successful in what I do and this is just the beginning."

~ online coaching client

"Fantastic! I love that this course goes beyond a self focused "I want" mentality. I found the concept of the mini crises/hurdle enlightening. It makes so much sense. As someone with a BS in Psychology and Master's work in a rigorous Counseling Education program, I found the method of instruction to be very well considered, engaging, pleasant and easy to follow. Also, very non- corporate. I didn't feel like I was being sold something! Flavio has an intelligent, kind way about him. I really felt I was looking into his eyes while he lectured. And that he was connecting with me on personal level, too. Amazing! I purposely didn't take notes the first couple of viewings, because I just wanted to deeply absorb everything. The decision to not have graphics and visual distractions was wise and helpful to me for maintaining focus."

Sonya Bolus

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