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I started off as an engineer. My peers thought of me as a good engineer. I wanted to know more, not just what to do, but why we would do something. So I studied philosophy and entered graduate school. By then I wanted to be a professor of engineering. I came to teach for two years and thoroughly enjoyed it. My students said I was a good professor. But I wanted more, now I wanted to know how the mind worked and, more importantly, how to change our minds. Have you noticed how difficult it is to change our minds, about ourselves? That was when I became a hypnotherapist. I started helping some friends the best way I could, but only as a hobby, because I planned on working at the university my whole life.

One day I got home and there a message on the answering machine, remember those? My friend Luis had called and asked me if I wanted to open a hypnotherapy office with him. I look back upon that conversation today, many years later, with a smile in my heart because I said "yes" with basically no thought whatsoever. In six months Luis decided that he did not want to be a hypnotherapist after all and I bought him out with money from my own hypnotherapy practice. That was 1997. 

Since then I have done about 40 thousand private sessions and many classes and seminars. The overwhelming response I get from clients and students is that what we do is awesome, and that more people should have access to this stuff. So in 2017 I began studying different ways of reaching people online who wanted to share this journey with us. At first it was not easy to transfer what we do in class or at the office to the online experience, but with diligent practice the process improved and today our online clients offer us the same excellent feedback that our in-person clients have been offering for years.

I am happy that you are here. My purpose is simply to share what I have learned so far, and to continue learning from and with all of you. I believe that together we will all be better off and live more fulfilling lives.

Thank you, and:

There is Magic in Life




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