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When I left an engineering job to go to graduate school I wanted to teach engineering right away. I was told that i would need to be in the doctoral program before they would let me teach. I love teaching so much that I kept asking everyone at the administration until they gave me a class: Mechanical Design 1. I was in heaven, and never stopped teaching since then.

After some 20 years teaching philosophy and hypnotherapy at the Aranegui Institute, it was time to expand and reach people all over the world. That was when the Academy was born.

I had the honor of training some 3000 students during my tenure at the Aranegui Institute, and another 12000 online. Our in class students were certified by the most prestigious organization in the world, the International Association of Counselors and Therapists. through which I am a Master Trainer.

I have developed several advanced courses for the practicing hypnotherapist beyond the basic certification course.

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In my 25 years as a full-time practicing hypnotherapist i have conducted well over 42000 sessions and witnessed awesome results with just about every kind of issue you can imagine.

Welcome to the School of Healing Arts and Hypnotherapy at the Awesome Again Academy.


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