Miami Residents afraid of the weather!


The Secret to overcoming “Extreme weather fear” in Miami today was known 3000 years ago. You need this if you are struggling to overcome extreme weather fear and get your life back.


Have you noticed how often you find yourself always checking the weather forecast? What happens when they announce a storm, or God-forbid, a hurricane? Do you freeze?


Do you worry constantly about what will happen? Do you find yourself looking at the walls and not doing much? How is your sleep? Appetite? Can you focus on work? 


Everyone else seems to be so happy, right? How do they do it?


A shocking discovery reveals that the secret to overcoming extreme weather fear has nothing to do with the weather itself!


You read correctly: the capacity to heal completely is all within you, right now.


Here is how you know this is true:


Were you ever happy, even if for just a moment, during a weather event? Maybe you were having hot chocolate and popcorn once while it rained outside? Was that fun?  Most likely yes, right? So, your happiness cannot possibly depend on the weather. Why then do we feel so lost now when extreme weather is announced?


Ahhh, because the secret to healing extreme weather fear in Miami today has nothing to do with the weather.


This Secret was known 3000 years ago!


Our state, how we feel and see life, matches exactly an image of ourselves - the Self-Image. 


The circumstances of our lives and how we feel always match exactly the Self-Image. This is the Law of Image-Matching.


The Self-Image is stored in a portion of the mind below the level of conscious awareness.


How do I know what my Self-Image looks like? Just look at the mirror! When you look at the mirror you see your physical body, which itself is a mirror of the Self-Image. Equally, our lives as a whole are a direct representation of the inner Self-Image.


When the Self-Image, at a level of the mind below conscious awareness is restored to beauty and brilliance, so is your entire life, including how you handle the news of extreme weather!


Naturally, with no effort!


This is the only way to enjoy a life in Miami, and do it long-term. This is the only way to avoid the constant cycle of dread and fear each time bad weather is announced.  


Anything else is more of the same: we become dependent on the weather forecast; our state, how we feel will be highjacked by the news. Been there, done that, right?


Now you know why in the past you suffered so much each time weather was announced. You also know why you will succeed now. In the past, each time you heard the weather report perhaps you used a lot of willpower to keep yourself level, to make it through the day and night, to overlook the fears, to distract your mind and to pretend you were well.


Eventually your willpower was spent, eroded, finished and you gave in to moments of frustration and fear. It is not your fault.


What about the forecast?


Nothing wrong with being informed about the forecast and taking effective, assertive action to protect your life, limb and property. In fact, you must do that, and you must comply with the authorities.


But, what does all of that have to do with the fear itself? Nothing! Do you want to continue being an emotional hostage of the forecast?


Why does this happen? It seems so unfair!


This happens because our willpower is like adrenaline; it is good for a short sprint... too short for a sustained goal like taking effective action during an extreme weather event calmly and joyously.


Willpower can only override the Self-Image for a short period of time. Eventually, the Self-Image manifests through the pain and fear all over again. 


What about just moving to a different place? No risk of fearing the weather if I move, right?


For a short time, yes, moving would allay the fear of extreme weather in Miami.   Eventually, however, fear would return for a different reason, such as earthquakes or snowstorms.


Unless the Self-Image changes, unfortunately, we are bound to hurt through constant fear of nature. Some people say that they are simply not meant to be happy. Nothing could be further from the truth!


If it is only a matter of changing my Self-Image, how come I never heard of this? How come everybody tells me the opposite? How come people tell me that it is normal to fear extreme weather if you live in Miami? How come I just can’t be happy and normal?


What makes changing the Self-Image difficult is where it resides: in the sub-conscious portion of the mind. Getting to it, and changing it for the better requires specialized skills that few professionals have developed. Furthermore, not everyone is a good candidate for this process.


How do I know if I am a good candidate to heal extreme weather fear through this process?


Well, I will explain the entire process in detail to you. By the end of my explanation, you will know if you are a good candidate for this specialized process that can result in becoming assertive and joyous, following all official recommendations, while being happy.


The only caveat is this: In order to participate you must be:


  • An adult

  • Live in Miami, Florida

  • Suffer from extreme weather fear now

  • Want to heal the fear and be happy

  • Be willing to change your Self-Image for the better


If that is you, put your name and best email address below and I will explain everything to you in a short video.

No credit card required. Your information is confidential.

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